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1x Teeth Whitening Sachet - Coconut Flavoured


✔ 1 Sachet - To try out the product before committing to a pack. Completely FREE. Just pay Shipping & Handling.

✔ Great Results, Fast - Apply for just 30 minutes. ✔ Safe to Use - Formulated and approved by UK dentists, PearlyPoised Coconut Flavoured Teeth Whitening Strips are enamel safe and do not contain peroxide, providing you with a safe way to whiten your teeth. ✔ Easy to Use - Simply peel the strip from its protective plastic, place it on your teeth, wait for thirty minutes and then reveal your dazzling smile! For further guidance, just follow our simple step-by step instruction guide on our instructions page. ✔ Delicious Taste - With our refreshing coconut flavour, never again will you have to tolerate the offensive chemical taste of other teeth whitening gels and strips.


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