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Teeth Whitening Sachet

Just pay for shipping and handling, we take care of the rest

Limited Time Offer

About this offer

We truly believe our teeth whitening strips are the best on the market and many customers have seen noticeable results from the very first use! We want you to see for yourself just how good one sachet of our teeth whitening strips can be!

We'd love to send it without charge, but shipping and handling can take some time. Not to mention, we send the sachet in a nifty PearlyPoised envelope :)

Unfortunately, this amazing offer does need to have some limits...
Only one sachet per household i'm afraid!

Follow these steps to get your free teeth whitening sachet

1. Tell us where to send the details...

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2. Immediately after you hit the 'Send me the secret page' button above, check your email, you should have received one from us :)
(Note: The email may have ended up in your Promotions folder).
The email will include a link to a secret page on our website. This is an exclusive offer - we don't want just anyone knowing about it! ;)

3. Enjoy your noticeably whiter smile after using your free teeth whitening sachet!