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PRODUCT Related Questions

What is PearlyPoised?
PearlyPoised is a safe, non-peroxide, easy-to-use, comfortable and tasty alternative to the other teeth whitening options on the market today. Not to mention, our products are formulated and approved by UK dentists!


What does PearlyPoised taste like?
Our current PearlyPoised Teeth Whitening Strips are coconut flavoured which we feel taste fantastic. They have a very subtle coconut taste with a light and sweet background taste of peppermint, to ensure that feeling of a clean and refreshed mouth. The strips are a tasty alternative to the harsh chemical taste of many other whitening strips available on the market.


My teeth are sensitive, can I still use PearlyPoised?
We use specific ingredients to ensure that our teeth whitening strips provide high quality and pain-free results. Should you follow the instructions correctly, you will feel very little to no sensitivity at all.


How do I use PearlyPoised?
Simple. The teeth whitening strips can be used in 3 steps: Peel from sachet, Place on teeth, Reveal your dazzling smile. We do recommend reading our more in-depth instructions to make sure you get the best results though. We have a page specifically for the instructions which you can access by clicking ‘HOW TO USE’ on the top navigation menu, or by clicking HERE.


Are your whitening strips suitable for vegetarians/vegans?


Are the teeth whitening strips cruelty-free?
Yes, we don’t test our products on animals.


How long does it take to see results?
Many of our customers have noticed a difference to their teeth after first use! That’s why we sell sachets separately as we feel it doesn’t take the full pack to notice a whiter smile. Having said that, results vary and to ensure the best possible results we recommend using a full pack over 14 consecutive days.


How long should I apply the whitening strips for?
For best results, we recommend applying the teeth whitening strips for a total of 30 minutes a day. You can wear the strips whilst watching your favourite reality tv show, or in the shower before a night out!


Can I use PearlyPoised Teeth Whitening Strips more than once a day?
You could use the whitening strips first thing in the morning and last thing at night, however we personally don’t recommend it. Approximately 24 hours between using the strips gives enough time for the teeth to settle, which reduces the likelihood of sensitivity.


Are they re-usable?
Unfortunately not. Each pack contains 14 sachets. Once the strips in a sachet are used, they cannot be reused.


Can I sleep with PearlyPoised Teeth Whitening Strips in my mouth?
This is not recommended. The whitening strips are designed to be effective, quick and pain-free. You may experience sensitivity if left on for prolonged periods such as during sleep.


Can I still use PearlyPoised Teeth Whitening Strips if I have braces?
Unfortunately not. The whitening strips use a whitening gel to stick directly to the teeth. Braces will prevent this.


Can I use PearlyPoised Teeth Whitening Strips if I am under 18?
Yes. However, PearlyPoised whitening strips are not suitable for anyone under the age of 12.


Can I use PearlyPoised if I am pregnant?
PearlyPoised is not recommended for use if you are pregnant.


I have noticed some white blotches on my teeth after using PearlyPoised. They are not hugely noticeable but I’m worried, will they go away?
White spots on teeth are common. They can be present on teeth without being visible but as your teeth become lighter from the whitening strips, the white spots become visible. It’s nothing to be concerned about. As your teeth continue to become brighter from the teeth whitening strips the white spots will gradually fade. It’s normal to notice white spots immediately after teeth whitening.


ORDER Related Questions

Where can I buy PearlyPoised Teeth Whitening Strips?
You can buy online by clicking ‘SHOP’ in the top navigation menu or by clicking HERE. Alternatively, PearlyPoised Teeth Whitening Strips can be purchased from Amazon.co.uk by clicking HERE.


How much does shipping cost?
We offer FREE worldwide shipping!


How long does delivery take?
UK orders – 3-5 business days
EU orders – 3-5 business days
Worldwide – 5-7 business days

Worldwide deliveries may vary due to customs clearance.


I have ordered PearlyPoised but I haven’t received my order within the above delivery times?
It is best to contact us to discuss a delivery concern so that we can look into it for you. You can contact us through the form on the CONTACT US page (see top navigation menu) or by sending an email to calum@pearlypoised.com


How do I get a refund?
We offer a 30 day, no hassle, money back guarantee on PearlyPoised, that’s the kind of confidence we have in our product! Simply contact us with your order number and the reason why you would like a refund. As above, you can do this through the form on the CONTACT US page (see top navigation menu) or by sending an email to calum@pearlypoised.com